Are You A Football Player?

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Have you ever had a random stranger come up to you and tell you you look just like a celebrity?  It makes you walk with a little more swagger, have a little more confidence.  I get the “you know who you look like?  Mariah Carey!”  All the time . . .

But this isn’t about me.

As my husband, Jason, and I were in Aspinwall, a small town in Pittsburgh, doing drive-bys of several houses we saw on the market, and you know you have to do that before wasting your time scheduling a tour because the pictures always LIE and this house ended up having a highway as its “privacy fence”.  I can’t stand the leading on of home buying sites.  Why not just say, “bumps up against a huge hill that although it might shift and take out your kitchen at any moment, is full of gorgeous greenery, and the highway next door provides lovely background music’?

But this isn’t about our house hunting. 

So after the letdown of thinking we were going to see our dream house, we were driving around the cobble stone streets as the wrought iron lamp posts were just about to come on and children were outside playing, when all of a sudden we hear shouts of “WAIT!  WAIT!”  Of course we pay no attention, thinking these kids were yelling at someone else, and kept driving around the block.  But we continued to hear “WAIT! WAIT!” so my husband slows down and looks back out of his window and three young boys around eight or nine years old, were  chasing our truck . . . odd.  We thought that they needed help or maybe the ball they were playing with had gotten stuck to our vehicle.

But no . . .

The kids finally catch up to us and say “Are you Ben Roethlisberger?”

We look at each other and start cracking up!  Jason turns around and says “Sorry guys, unfortunately I am not Ben Roethlisberger.”

“Are you a football player?” 

To their immense disappointment, he replied “Nope, I can’t say that I am.”

As the kids walked away, dejected, Jason turned to me and said, “That really made my day.”

And it hasn’t been the first time someone has said that he looks like Big Ben . . . eventhough he’s about 6 inches shorter.  You decide: 

Big Ben

Big Ben


Jason aka "Little Ben"

Jason aka "Little Ben"

Good times . . .

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