The Eagle Has Landed . . .

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BUT WILL IT BE A CRASH LANDING???  Only time will tell on this one.  With Michael Vick signing with the Philadelphia Eagles Thursday, the city of brotherly love is frothing with feedback, both good and bad.  After an initial HOLY CRAP reaction as the news smacked me in the face yesterday, I didn’t even give a second thought to Andy Reid welcoming another lightning rod for controversy after surviving the T.O. experiment, the Eagles seem like an OKAY fit . . .

Stable organization and coaching staff – CHECK

Loyal fan base who for the majority, wouldn’t jump ship – CHECK

Team who knows how to deal with adversity – CHECK

Solid quarterback situation – Ummmm . . .

Wasn’t it the Philadelphia fans who lobbied for the end of McNabb’s injury-plagued career as an Eagle last season?  Or most seasons as of late?  Wasn’t it Andy Reid who benched his beloved Donovan in favor of the wet behind the ears second year QB, Kevin Kolb?  Solid at the quarterback position they are NOT.  I don’t care if he signed an extension to try and quiet the get rid of  Donovan chatter . . . McNabb will constantly be looking over his shoulder now.  And with the knee jerk Philly fan reaction, the second that chunky soup slurper throws a couple of interceptions, chants for Michael Vick will be heard through out the city.  Here are a few more thoughts on the Eagles’ new toy:

WHY?  Just wondering why a team one win away from the Super Bowl last season would want to add such a controversial player to the mix . . .    

Since he IS there – why not use him as a kick returner?  All I keep hearing about is the wildcat offense . . . and they can obviously use his talents with that formation, however he would be electric as a return specialist as well.  He’s going to need touches – you can’t keep legs like that standing on the sidelines with a clipboard . . .

As soon as Vick makes a sensational play, all the negative talk from the “disgusted” fans will die down.  That’s how sports fans are . . .

This is what I have to say to all of the “how dare the NFL let him back in the league – what is that teaching our children?” commentary – Why are you letting the NFL teach your kids?  Why not use it as evidence that people make mistakes, suffer the consequences, learn the necessary lessons and can still work hard to be successful? 

Wonder if Michael Vick will change his hotel alter ego name from Ron Mexico to Ben Franklin?


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