Will Big Ben’s Time Run Out With The Steelers?

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Has The Steeltown Clock Struck Twelve On Roethlisberger?  I know.  I know.  Enough with the Big Ben clock references.  But it’s so easy, not to mention completely relevant to the self-inflicted situation Roethlisberger finds himself in.  Tick Tock . . . Tick Tock . . . Tick . . .

Okay I’m done.

But seriously, Ben could be done too.  It’s no secret that the Rooney family is none too happy with his off the field, unbecoming and un-Steeler like antics.  Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports reported via Twitter that Ben Roethlisberger’s status with the Steelers “could [be] at [a] tipping point,” due to an unnamed source who says that the “onslaught of fan discontent over Ben has shaken Pittsburgh ownership.” 

We’ll find out at 2:30PM ET what they really think as Art Rooney II has scheduled a press conference.  I forsee a 2 game suspension for conduct detrimental to the team.  Only time will tell . . .

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Happy Now???

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Go ahead . . . celebrate.

To all the whiners who couldn’t get the game won in regulation, lost in overtime and blamed it on losing the coin toss, congratulations.  The NFL has appeased you by changing the OT rules for playoff games.  Bought you that ridiculous rubber frog you couldn’t live without so you threw tantrum after tantrum on the store floor until big papa finally caved in and gave you what you wanted.  Now life is better . . . until you lose the frog ANYWAY.

Seriously.  What’s next? 

Will the Cleveland Browns campaign for a change to five downs because they can’t get it done in four?

All because it’s not fair.  WAHHHHHH!

Or maybe the opening coin flip will turn into the best out of three because the loser ended up losing the game 59% of the time.  That’s the percentage of teams that win the game in overtime after winning the coin toss.  Is it really that big of a difference?  And I don’t want to hear the “but the winners of the coin flip close out the game on the first possession 34% of the time” argument.  The losers then have a chance to win it the other 66% of the time on their first offensive drive.  And whatever happened to may the best team win?  Defense plays too, you know.  Who’s going to make a play when the team needs one?  Who’s going to make a mistake?  Will the kicker shank it anyway?  Neil Rackers, Nate Kaeding or Mike Vanderjagt anyone? 

Here are the rule changes:

Starting next season, if a team wins the coin toss and then kicks a field goal, the other team gets the ball. If the game becomes tied again after that next series, play will continue under the current sudden-death rules.  Should the team winning the toss immediately score a touchdown, then the game is over.

So the NFL wants to eliminate the ability to win by a field goal on the first OT possession.  I get it.  But what if the defense has a momentary break down and one big scoring play wins the game on the first snap?  That type of quick ending is okay, but the defense giving up a drive of 30  or 40 yards for a field goal attempt isn’t?  What kinda sense does that make? 

The coin flip NEVER decided a winner.  A team’s inability to get it done in four quarters and defensive breakdowns in overtime have.  If you don’t want to leave it to “chance” then take care of business. 

Geez.  I hope hockey doesn’t sell out and revise their sudden death overtime . . .

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Why “Ben-A-Palooza” Says It All . . .

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Yeah.  That’s all you have to know about Ben Roethlisberger.  He names his club crawl excursion, BEN-A-Palooza.  It’s all about him.  What a self-righteous and conceded label for a drunken journey that keeps Mr. Ben in the spotlight.  If you had any doubts about the way Little Ben operates, this should surely put them to rest.  I’ve had defectors as close as friends and family who’ve championed Ben.  But that’s how old-school and current Pittsburghers are . . . blindly LOYAL.    It’s charming and a bit misguided at the same time. 

Each year, Ben Roethlisberger goes on a BENSCAPADE – yes, I made that up – and he hits all the bars and clubs in the area he targets.  I get it.  You’re a twenty-something millionaire and want to work it while you got it.  But Little Ben has a lot to learn about celebrity and all this says is that he is too self absorbed to realize what he is doing to his legacy.

Way too self absorbed.  He makes me sick.  Is it whatever Ben wants, Ben gets?  Not this time.  This year’s festival ended up a bit differently . . .

A word to the young, rich, single – or married, for that matter – your millions and stature do not precede you.  You are not above the law.  And as a Steeler fan, I hope Ben Roethlisberger is made an example of because this behavior defines everything that is wrong about professional athletes.

Want the latest details about Little Ben?  Click here.

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The Clock Is Ticking On Big Ben

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What’s the difference between Ben Roethlisberger and Pacman Jones?  Their weapon of choice . . .

The gloc versus the . . . you can fill in the blank.

Listen, I am not saying Big Ben sexually assaulted either of his accusers, however I am saying that his situation is beginning to resemble that of Titan turned Cowboy turned NFL reject, Adam “Pacman” Jones.  In a way.  Eventhough Pacman wasn’t accused of pulling the trigger, he had difficulty staying away from people and places that brought him nothing but trouble.  He made terrible choices.

Eventhough Big Ben hasn’t been charged with pulling the ahem, trigger . . . he is having trouble with the ladies.  You would think after the first rape accusation, in which he is still facing a civil case in Nevada, he wouldn’t put himself in the situation to be accused again.  Especially with college kids!

That is the part that bothers me the most.  Roethlisberger is quickly becoming THAT OLD GUY in the college bars that won’t let go of his youth.  Hello McFly – You are almost 30 years old!  You look ridiculous trying to play frat boy college QB.  Dressed for the part, I might add:

Ben Roethlisberger modeling his upcoming "College Club Gear" clothing line

Why isn’t Big Ben going to mature, high end nightclubs?  It’s not like he’s searching for drink specials because he can’t afford bottle service.  Can’t he handle the WOMEN he’d find there?  Does he feel more in control and powerful with naive, young, star struck college girls?  An interesting psychobabble-type conversation . . .  

Today, Roethlisberger made a move that proved one of  two things.  In hiring the high-powered Atlanta attorney that had murder charges against Ray Lewis dropped 10 years ago, Ed Garland, Big Ben is saying, A) He is innocent and wants to nip this in the bud and FAST or B) He is guilty and wants to be sure NOT to get charged.  

Regardless of the outcome of these latest accusations, will the Steelers put up with Big Ben’s shenanigans?

The Rooney family has to be reeling.  Their face of the franchise is being dragged through the mud – rightfully so – and taking the proud prganization along for the ride.  How long until Dan Rooney decides Roethlisberger’s reputation is tarnishing Pittsburgh’s image?  Will Big Ben learn the hard way that he is not bigger than the Steelers?

We’ll have to wait and see . . .

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ROAD TRIP: Second Installment – Cleveland OH

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ON THE ROAD AGAIN:  After two great days in Cincinnati – props to the Cincinnatian Hotel downtown on Vine St, especially to the bartender Natasha – and don’t you meet the most interesting people in a hotel bar?   Not to digress, but I will, we met a wonderful, loving woman who along with her other daughter, was helping her eldest battle late-stage breast cancer, and a very talkative Australian guy in his sixties, who has traveled America coast-to-coast, visiting the nooks and crannies of our beautiful country.  Something most Americans never get a chance to do . . . 

Anyway, we drove the four hour trek to Cleveland in time to check into the downtown Wyndham hotel – which was a steal of a deal at $105 bucks for the night, and then walk the two blocks to the Jake.  Progressive Field, I mean . . . although most of the fans still sported THE JAKE shirts . . .

It’s a gorgeous ballpark, and I’d have to rate it ahead of the Great American Ballpark in Cincy.  The open “floor plan” was condusive to catching the game action from almost anywhere, and the beer prices were lower.  Plus any park that has an open bar in centerfield with the game cornhole set up next to it must have been well thought out . . .

The ushers at Progressive field weren’t very pleasant, you could even say they were annoyed at you being there, shooing people away and not making eye contact when talking to, or AT you . . .

A product of not winning a championship since the Browns did it in 1964?  Before the Super Bowl era?  Probably . . .

One of my favorite moments came after the game when we walked to down the street to “Harry Buffalo”, a rustic sports bar that had $2, 23oz Miller Lites – cheers – when a young girl who couldn’t have been older than 22 and was TANKED, approached me for directions with her two tagalongs – This is how the conversation went:

DLG (Drunk Little Girl):  Heyeyeyeyey!!  (while chewing gum with her mouth wider than Angela Jolie’s legs) D’ya know where the wess end issss?

ME:  No, I’m sorry but I’m not from here.

DLG:  Wowww, where ya from then? (chew, chew, chew, snap)

ME:  Pittsburgh, we’re visiting different . . .
DLG:  WAIT!  D’ya saya Pisssttburgh? (no more chewing, mouth just hung open)

ME:  Yes.

DLG:  Are ya Steelers flan?

ME:  Yes.

DLG :  F*#K OFF!   (chew, chew, snap)

Then she quickly stormed down the street sideways, with her tagalongs in tow, before I gathered my thoughts to say, “okay, and I’ll take our six lombardi trophies with me.”

I think I was in shock that this young chick would say something like that to me.  I’m a 30-year old woman.  Do kids have ANY respect any more? 

Or is it just a product of not winning a championship since the Browns did it in 1964?  Before the Super Bowl era?  Probably . . .


An Ode to Cleveland….

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The Eagle Has Landed . . .

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BUT WILL IT BE A CRASH LANDING???  Only time will tell on this one.  With Michael Vick signing with the Philadelphia Eagles Thursday, the city of brotherly love is frothing with feedback, both good and bad.  After an initial HOLY CRAP reaction as the news smacked me in the face yesterday, I didn’t even give a second thought to Andy Reid welcoming another lightning rod for controversy after surviving the T.O. experiment, the Eagles seem like an OKAY fit . . .

Stable organization and coaching staff – CHECK

Loyal fan base who for the majority, wouldn’t jump ship – CHECK

Team who knows how to deal with adversity – CHECK

Solid quarterback situation – Ummmm . . .

Wasn’t it the Philadelphia fans who lobbied for the end of McNabb’s injury-plagued career as an Eagle last season?  Or most seasons as of late?  Wasn’t it Andy Reid who benched his beloved Donovan in favor of the wet behind the ears second year QB, Kevin Kolb?  Solid at the quarterback position they are NOT.  I don’t care if he signed an extension to try and quiet the get rid of  Donovan chatter . . . McNabb will constantly be looking over his shoulder now.  And with the knee jerk Philly fan reaction, the second that chunky soup slurper throws a couple of interceptions, chants for Michael Vick will be heard through out the city.  Here are a few more thoughts on the Eagles’ new toy:

WHY?  Just wondering why a team one win away from the Super Bowl last season would want to add such a controversial player to the mix . . .    

Since he IS there – why not use him as a kick returner?  All I keep hearing about is the wildcat offense . . . and they can obviously use his talents with that formation, however he would be electric as a return specialist as well.  He’s going to need touches – you can’t keep legs like that standing on the sidelines with a clipboard . . .

As soon as Vick makes a sensational play, all the negative talk from the “disgusted” fans will die down.  That’s how sports fans are . . .

This is what I have to say to all of the “how dare the NFL let him back in the league – what is that teaching our children?” commentary – Why are you letting the NFL teach your kids?  Why not use it as evidence that people make mistakes, suffer the consequences, learn the necessary lessons and can still work hard to be successful? 

Wonder if Michael Vick will change his hotel alter ego name from Ron Mexico to Ben Franklin?

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WTF & A Must Win . . .

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IN THE WTF CATEGORY:  Dallas Cowboys’ Owner/GM/President/Sideline Gargoyle, Jerry Jones, decided to announce last Thursday that “I did not think [Owens] was disruptive to the team. As a matter of fact, you have a huge percentage of our team — coaches and teammates — that thought his personality was a positive thing.”

Um. Okay.  So why did you release Terrell Owens, oh Master of Valley Ranch?  Don’t even answer that.  It’d be bullshit anyway.  And what’s even more disturbing is the Fort Worth Star Telegram reported Jones as saying to a reporter, “Would you beat me up too bad if I brought back Adam?”  Yes, as in Adam Pacman Jones.  That report has since been denied

But with his publicity hungry, drama loving tendencies, can we really put anything past Jerry Jones?

A MUST WIN:  Ah, no crap Kojak . . . with Lord Stanley 60 minutes away from awarding his treasured Cup to the Red Wings, the Pittsburgh Penguins must rebound from a performance in Game 5, that could only be classified as public humiliation, to stave off the only thing that would feel worse . . . watching Detroit and that damn Marian Hossa hoist the Stanley Cup on their home ice.  Again . . .

What needs to be done?  Stay on the ice and out of the friggin’ penalty box, number one.  Are you kidding me with three 10 minute misconduct penalties and a total of 48 penalty minutes???  Let’s stay focused.  Not frustrated.

Will Detroit Take Home The Stanley Cup Tonight Or Will It Come Down To A Game Seven?

Will Detroit Take Home The Stanley Cup Tonight Or Will It Come Down To A Game Seven?

Don’t let the return of Datsyuk stop you from playing “your game”, CROSBY.  Since according to every single player and coach after the loss, the Pens “didn’t play our game”.  Well, it’s time to find it.  Now or never.

And what about adding a hungry, fresh legged Petr Sykora back in the lineup?  He was instrumental in last year’s Finals and has been a healthy scratch for most of the playoffs.  I am sure he is itching to get out there and make a difference.  Lastly, and obviously, Marc Andre “The Flower” Fleury has to forget the last game.  No excuses as wilting for five goals is unacceptable, but he had no offensive OR defensive help and if he steps on the ice without confidence, he will be slapshotted alive.

And it won’t be pretty . . .

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John Madden Follows Brett Favre Into Retirement . . .

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YOU COULD SEE IT COMING . . . The moment Brett Favre retired for real, you knew John Madden wasn’t far behind.    Without the favrelous one on the field, is football even worth watching?  Not for the Godfather of video games.  Check this out and be sure your volume is up – it’s hysterical:

That is of course, courtesy of Mike and Mike, ESPN Radio and Frank Caliendo.   Good stuff.

All kidding aside, if John Madden doesn’t Brettire instead of retire and is really gone from the broadcast booth, he will be sorely missed.  At least by me.  I learned all the nooks and crannies of the game of football from him.  He is a unique personality and I will always remember he and Pat Summerall calling Dallas Cowboys games and Madden giving play-by-play of the offensive line’s sweaty pants race.  And him still being bitter about the immaculate reception . . .

I wonder if the turducken will live on?

My husband always said that Madden was Mr. Obvious, but that’s how I became a football afficienado – listening to him repeat himself over and over again, talking in circles, and cracking jokes.  

And BOOM! now he’s gone . . .

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James Harrison SLAMS Browns Fan

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I felt nostalgic when posting the picture of James Harrison slamming a Cleveland Browns fan in my previous blog entry (see below) so my husband unearthed the live video.   Here it is for your viewing pleasure.  Go ahead Browns fans . . . chuckle.  It’s funny!

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2008 NFL Defensive Player Of The Year Will Be Back

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One of James Harrisons Most Memorable Moments, Tackling A Cleveland Browns Fan Crazy Enough To Run On The Field

One of James Harrison's Most Memorable Moments, Tackling A Cleveland Browns Fan Crazy Enough To Run On The Field


or maybe his new nickname will be PLATINUMback . . . The Pittsburgh Post Gazette is reporting that James Harrison will return to the Steelers to the tune of $51.75 Million over the next six years and $20 Million in bonus cash.

This record-breaking deal is worth more than any other defensive player’s contract in Steelers’ history and second only to Ben Roethlisberger’s whopping eight year, $102 Million pay day.  

So on the morning of the Pirates’ home opener, the Steelers steal the spotlight in the football partisan Pittsburgh public with their much anticipated announcement that the league’s most dynamic defender will be donning the black and gold for the prime years of his career.  Coincidence?  You decide . . .

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