CORNY Local Baseball Commercials – Pittsburgh You Are NOT Alone

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THANK YOU COMCAST . . . For the first week of the season, our cable provider aired a free preview of their Major League Baseball season package, so we could watch EVERY game on its local networks.  I was happy to see that Fox Sports was not limiting its corniness to it’s local Pittsburgh coverage.  It’s everywhere. 

You know what I am talking about.   The low-budget, poorly written productions starring your favorite players, coaches and announcers and their bad acting jobs . . .  

For their latest attempt, the Pirates have bit off the shamwow guy, Vince Shlomi.  Of course, they weren’t the only ones.  Shlomi was just arrested for beating up a hooker after she bit his tongue and wouldn’t let go – which makes me wonder WHY IN THE HELL are the Bucs imitating a prostitute beating “john” pitch man in their commercial?

Why was this guy even paying a hooker anyway?  Can’t he have any girl he wants with his shamwow “celebrity”? 

From ShamWOW to ShamOW

From ShamWOW to ShamOW

Um, never mind.  I understand why now.  I guess with a name like Vince Shlomi you are destined for two things:  quick tongued, slimy hard selling on infomercials and propositioning prostitutes . . .

Anyway, the Pittsburgh Pirates have always had goofy commercials to try and entice fans to come to the ballpark.  Give it up.  It’s counterproductive.  Here’s an idea . . . put a competitive team on the field.  I think they are going in the right direction, but until then, stick with the fireworks and bobble heads, Buccos.

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Time To Change The Unis . . .

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HELLO MCFLY . . . On the heels of Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver, Donte Stallworth, being charged with striking and killing a man while driving drunk, you would think people might learn a thing or two about designating a driver. 


Leon Hall With Then Proud Head Coach Marvin Lewis.  Now?  Not So Much . . .

Leon Hall With Then Proud Head Coach Marvin Lewis. Now? Not So Much . . .

Last night, cornerback Leon Hall successfully brought the rains to the year-long arrest drought in Cincinatti Bengal land, by being charged with suspicion of DUI.  I love how it’s reported – suspicion of DUI – what more proof do you need?  The guy’s blood-alcohol level was 0.149 – almost twice Ohio’s legal limit of .08!  He was driving VERY drunk.

Now the Bengals are back in familiar territory.  Maybe they’ll play better this year . . . Since 2000, the players of that organization have had 24 run-ins with those who serve and protect.  Granted, Chris Henry lays claim to several of them, however that number is ridiculous.  What is going on with their scouting or player development?  There’s something missing in the Queen City and I’m not talking about Lombardi trophies.

IS IT THE UNIS?  Bright orange and stripes are just NOT working out for the Cincinnati Bengals anymore.  In fact,

Now They Won't Be Mistaken For Bengals Fans, Right???

Now They Won't Be Mistaken For Bengals Fans, Right???

the colors are so reminiscent of prison gear that a nearby county jail in Kentucky switched the inmates’ attire to pink.  HOT pink.  The warden doesn’t want an escapee to blend in with the fans at Paul Brown stadium . . .

I think it might be time for a new look, Cincinnati.  Hey, the Lions might do it . . .

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