Why “Ben-A-Palooza” Says It All . . .

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Yeah.  That’s all you have to know about Ben Roethlisberger.  He names his club crawl excursion, BEN-A-Palooza.  It’s all about him.  What a self-righteous and conceded label for a drunken journey that keeps Mr. Ben in the spotlight.  If you had any doubts about the way Little Ben operates, this should surely put them to rest.  I’ve had defectors as close as friends and family who’ve championed Ben.  But that’s how old-school and current Pittsburghers are . . . blindly LOYAL.    It’s charming and a bit misguided at the same time. 

Each year, Ben Roethlisberger goes on a BENSCAPADE – yes, I made that up – and he hits all the bars and clubs in the area he targets.  I get it.  You’re a twenty-something millionaire and want to work it while you got it.  But Little Ben has a lot to learn about celebrity and all this says is that he is too self absorbed to realize what he is doing to his legacy.

Way too self absorbed.  He makes me sick.  Is it whatever Ben wants, Ben gets?  Not this time.  This year’s festival ended up a bit differently . . .

A word to the young, rich, single – or married, for that matter – your millions and stature do not precede you.  You are not above the law.  And as a Steeler fan, I hope Ben Roethlisberger is made an example of because this behavior defines everything that is wrong about professional athletes.

Want the latest details about Little Ben?  Click here.

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Oh Where Oh Where Is The Stanley Cup . . .

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Sidney Crosby Hoists The Stanley Cup During Pittsburgh's Championship Parade

Sidney Crosby Hoists The Stanley Cup During Pittsburgh's Championship Parade

JUST GETTING STARTED:  After the Pittsburgh Penguins upset the mighty Detroit Red Wings to shock the hockey world just one week ago, well everyone except the Pens and their fans, the Championship parade has come and gone, but the party is just getting started . . .

There’s been Stanley Cup sightings all over the city of Pittsburgh and I can’t wait to discover what the players do with it over the summer . . .

Seriously, how unique is this trophy?  Could you imagine Ben Roethlisberger riding his motorcycle through the city streets with the Lombardi Trophy slung over his shoulder like a boombox in the eighties?  Or Ryan Howard chillin’ at a Subway waiting for his 5 dollar footlong with the Commissioner’s Trophy on the counter?  Or the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy (NBA Finals – betcha didn’t know what it was called) left behind in a Colorado hotel room?  

Neither can I . . .

GROUNDED FOR LIFE:  Beginning on a 12 year old’s photo sharing site and ending up in an email chain, bloggers and the national media soon got hold of the private photos from Mario Lemieux’s house party.  I feel terrible for the young girl that made a mistake, which I am sure she is paying for, and out of respect for the team and their privacy, will not post them myself . . .

But they looked like they had a well deserved BLAST!  

Which brings me to some interesting facts, travels and “doings” of the Stanley Cup:

  • A “Cup Keeper” goes through 24 pairs of white gloves a season
  • The winner of the Stanley Cup gets 100 Days to do with it what they please – with a chaperone from the Hockey Hall of Fame, of course . . .
  • Babies have been cradled by the Cup
  • Champagne, beer, fruitloops and ice cream have all been consumed from the Cup 
  • Pet dogs have even eaten out of it
  • Scott Neidermayer, with the New Jersey Devils at the time, took the Cup on a helicopter, landing on a mountain in British Columbia, got out and hoisted it at over 9,000 feet high
  • Brian Rafalski of the Detroit Red Wings auctioned off an hour of time with him and the Cup with the proceeds going to a single mother in Wisconsin, who was battling Cancer
  • It has been to children’s hospitals, boys and girls clubs and military bases
  • Several Russian players have brought it back to Moscow, parading the Cup through Red Square
  • The Cup has also traveled to Alaska and London among many other places, it’s passport is a worldwide database
  • Baseball stadiums across the country, strip clubs, and Chicago’s famous Billy Goat Tavern, have all seen a glimpse of the three-foot trophy
  • The Cup has seen its share of TV studios including ER, Monk, Regis & Kelly, The Tonight Show and of course, The Late Show
  • Teemu Sellanne of the Anaheim Ducks took it back to Finland and dropped by a Sauna, heating up with the Cup for just a few moments
  • And of course, it’s widely known to have found its way to the bottom of Mario Lemieux’s pool

This year?  Maybe it will just take a quick dip.  I guess the Stanley Cup deserves to be handled with care by uniformed trustees wearing white gloves after its summer tour of recklessness . . .

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2008 NFL Defensive Player Of The Year Will Be Back

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One of James Harrisons Most Memorable Moments, Tackling A Cleveland Browns Fan Crazy Enough To Run On The Field

One of James Harrison's Most Memorable Moments, Tackling A Cleveland Browns Fan Crazy Enough To Run On The Field


or maybe his new nickname will be PLATINUMback . . . The Pittsburgh Post Gazette is reporting that James Harrison will return to the Steelers to the tune of $51.75 Million over the next six years and $20 Million in bonus cash.

This record-breaking deal is worth more than any other defensive player’s contract in Steelers’ history and second only to Ben Roethlisberger’s whopping eight year, $102 Million pay day.  

So on the morning of the Pirates’ home opener, the Steelers steal the spotlight in the football partisan Pittsburgh public with their much anticipated announcement that the league’s most dynamic defender will be donning the black and gold for the prime years of his career.  Coincidence?  You decide . . .

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Are You A Football Player?

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Have you ever had a random stranger come up to you and tell you you look just like a celebrity?  It makes you walk with a little more swagger, have a little more confidence.  I get the “you know who you look like?  Mariah Carey!”  All the time . . .

But this isn’t about me.

As my husband, Jason, and I were in Aspinwall, a small town in Pittsburgh, doing drive-bys of several houses we saw on the market, and you know you have to do that before wasting your time scheduling a tour because the pictures always LIE and this house ended up having a highway as its “privacy fence”.  I can’t stand the leading on of home buying sites.  Why not just say, “bumps up against a huge hill that although it might shift and take out your kitchen at any moment, is full of gorgeous greenery, and the highway next door provides lovely background music’?

But this isn’t about our house hunting. 

So after the letdown of thinking we were going to see our dream house, we were driving around the cobble stone streets as the wrought iron lamp posts were just about to come on and children were outside playing, when all of a sudden we hear shouts of “WAIT!  WAIT!”  Of course we pay no attention, thinking these kids were yelling at someone else, and kept driving around the block.  But we continued to hear “WAIT! WAIT!” so my husband slows down and looks back out of his window and three young boys around eight or nine years old, were  chasing our truck . . . odd.  We thought that they needed help or maybe the ball they were playing with had gotten stuck to our vehicle.

But no . . .

The kids finally catch up to us and say “Are you Ben Roethlisberger?”

We look at each other and start cracking up!  Jason turns around and says “Sorry guys, unfortunately I am not Ben Roethlisberger.”

“Are you a football player?” 

To their immense disappointment, he replied “Nope, I can’t say that I am.”

As the kids walked away, dejected, Jason turned to me and said, “That really made my day.”

And it hasn’t been the first time someone has said that he looks like Big Ben . . . eventhough he’s about 6 inches shorter.  You decide: 

Big Ben

Big Ben


Jason aka "Little Ben"

Jason aka "Little Ben"

Good times . . .
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