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Go ahead . . . celebrate.

To all the whiners who couldn’t get the game won in regulation, lost in overtime and blamed it on losing the coin toss, congratulations.  The NFL has appeased you by changing the OT rules for playoff games.  Bought you that ridiculous rubber frog you couldn’t live without so you threw tantrum after tantrum on the store floor until big papa finally caved in and gave you what you wanted.  Now life is better . . . until you lose the frog ANYWAY.

Seriously.  What’s next? 

Will the Cleveland Browns campaign for a change to five downs because they can’t get it done in four?

All because it’s not fair.  WAHHHHHH!

Or maybe the opening coin flip will turn into the best out of three because the loser ended up losing the game 59% of the time.  That’s the percentage of teams that win the game in overtime after winning the coin toss.  Is it really that big of a difference?  And I don’t want to hear the “but the winners of the coin flip close out the game on the first possession 34% of the time” argument.  The losers then have a chance to win it the other 66% of the time on their first offensive drive.  And whatever happened to may the best team win?  Defense plays too, you know.  Who’s going to make a play when the team needs one?  Who’s going to make a mistake?  Will the kicker shank it anyway?  Neil Rackers, Nate Kaeding or Mike Vanderjagt anyone? 

Here are the rule changes:

Starting next season, if a team wins the coin toss and then kicks a field goal, the other team gets the ball. If the game becomes tied again after that next series, play will continue under the current sudden-death rules.  Should the team winning the toss immediately score a touchdown, then the game is over.

So the NFL wants to eliminate the ability to win by a field goal on the first OT possession.  I get it.  But what if the defense has a momentary break down and one big scoring play wins the game on the first snap?  That type of quick ending is okay, but the defense giving up a drive of 30  or 40 yards for a field goal attempt isn’t?  What kinda sense does that make? 

The coin flip NEVER decided a winner.  A team’s inability to get it done in four quarters and defensive breakdowns in overtime have.  If you don’t want to leave it to “chance” then take care of business. 

Geez.  I hope hockey doesn’t sell out and revise their sudden death overtime . . .

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NFL Week 12 Wrap: Historic QB Performance, Benching “The Don” Plus More (Part 1)

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Week 12 gave us a little bit of everything.  As I wade through the empty cans of whoop ass littering the NFL landscape, I see the monumental benching of a franchise QB, comeback wins that will go a long way in solidfying playoff contention, the last unbeaten team falling, and a surprising upset of a division leader by a team whose ruthless leader can be found at thrift stores shopping for wind pants and jogging suits . . .

Man, do I love football.

Here are my miscellaneous musings and insightful insights into the week that was:

FORGET THE TITANS:  Tennessee’s winning streak came to a crashing halt as the Jets came into Nashville and throttled the NFL’s last unbeaten team.  The green machine steamrolled the once mighty Titans by a score of 34 – 13 and didn’t even give the music city maestros a chance to be competitive.  By winning the time of possession battle by a ridiulously large margin of 20 minutes and 30 seconds (Jets 40:30 and Titans 19:30), the tauted Tennessee defense tired quickly and the game plan of short dink and dunk passes combined with Leon Washington’s 10 yard per carry average and 2 rushing scores made quick work of their so-called “Tencious D”. 

FUN FACT: Brett Favre has passed Dan Marino in the record books yet again to win as a quarterback in 32 different stadiums, the most since the Super Bowl era (1966 – for those not up on football history).  Dan Marino took down opponents in 31 different venues.   

ONLY 5 QUARTERBACKS HAVE DONE IT:  And no, the NFL’s favorite son is not one of them, but his back up is . . . Matt Cassel recorded back to back 400-plus yard passing games becoming only the 5th QB to sling it four lengths of the football field or more in consecutive games since the merger (once again, for those who don’t know, that’s 1970).  He joins Dan Fouts, Dan Marino, Phil Simms and . . . Billy Volek?  What ever happened to him?  Anyway, besides the latter, Cassel in is some pretty good company.  Sorry Billy, you had your time, but you just don’t belong in that group.  Will Matt Cassel?  I’m sure we’ll have a chance to find out . . .

FUN FACT:  Cassel DOUBLED Tom Brady’s number of games with a 400-plus passing performance – for his career.  Is that chowdah or a quarterback controversy I smell brewing in New England? 

STEELERS DEFENSE IS BETTER THAN ADVERTISED:  Yeah, I know it’s hard to believe the vaunted Dick LeBeau scheme could be even better than their #1 ranking, but they are.  For those don’t follow the Steelers or watch their games, not only does the D have to play against opposing offenses and the more than occassional flag happy official, but they also have to protect against . . . their own sad punter, Paul Ernster, who with a 32 yard average constantly gives adversaries good field position and forces the D to step up their play.   

BREAKING NEWS:  Mike Tomlin must have been looking over my shoulder this morning because that sorry excuse for a punter, Paul Ernster, was just released . . .

I have to run, but I have more thoughts to share about Week 12 so come back soon and check out the rest.  Feel free to comment!

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