T.O. is Told to G.O.

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So it has come to this . . . THANK GOODNESS 

Ever since the implosion that took place last December at Heinz field where Pitsburgh’s 10 fourth quarter points were topped off by Deshea Townsend’s pick six of Tony Romo’s errant pass directed to Jason Witten, and I am a Dallas Cowboys fan who witnessed it first hand, I knew Terrell Owens was going to crack.

It’s kinda like this – you’re cruising down the highway and all of a sudden TING!  A random pebble that flew out of a dumptruck driven by someone who just didn’t care enough to secure his load properly, hits your windshield and now there’s an itty bitty nick staring you in the face.  And it won’t be long until just the right bump in the road or frigid morning urges that itty bitty annoying nick to become a huge crack running across the glass threatening to split your windshield in two, destroying your ability to see clearly and drive anywhere . . .

After that day in Pittsburgh, T.O. (otherwise known as the nick) began to slowly crack the windshield of the Cowboys in two.  He went from crying over Tony Romo, sobbing “that’s not fair.  We lose as a team.  That’s my quarterback” . . .

To accusing Romo and Witten of clandestine game planning and play creation designed to keep him out of the offense and then recruiting teammates to take his side.  With their playoff lives on the line, in a win and in situation, the drama culminated in an embarrassing ass whooping handed to them by the Eagles.  The flippin Philadelphia Eagles of all teams!  

This had to happen.  Jerry Jones obviously had to be persuaded to make this move because he just swallowed a cool 9 million dollars against the salary cap.  Plus, I do believe Jones actually wanted to see the divisive receiver succeed and feed the ego machine that is T.O.  Remember, Jerry Jones has a PR fetish and loves superstar marketing pawns and T.O. is that media magnet that gives him the chills. 

You did good, Jerry . .  you did good.  

On the flipside, the Cowboys save 3.1 million bucks because of a bonus Terrell Owens was due to receive in June and can begin repairing the fiber of the team that has been shredded.  Like it was in Philadelphia.  Like it was in San Fransico.     

Now the door is open for wide receiver Roy Williams to step up and earn the #1 spot vacated by T.O.  Hopefully Williams hasn’t been poisoned by buying whatever Owens was selling last season and he will come to camp wanting to prove that he can be a reliable and exciting receiver.  I also hope he can outperform Owens on third downs, where he only caught a paltry 35% of the passes thrown in his direction last year.  Dallas needs a clutch receiver who won’t drop the ball.  Or destroy the lockerroom chemistry, for that matter.

The bottom line is that T.O. is on the downside of his career.  After his worst statistical season of his career, and granted Brad Johnson’s three starts at QB didn’t give him too much of a chance to rack up the stats, but at 35 years old, it is a good a time as any to part ways. 

A word to the wise . . . any team considering signing Owens better be sure their load is secured properly and their windshield is immune to those annoying little nicks.  They tend to crack at the most inopportune times . . .

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