It Happens In Threes . . .

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THEY SAY . . . Bad things happen in threes.  Why does this statement always ring true?  And who are “they”?  When tragedy strikes once, the second and third instances are never far behind.  On the heels of Nick Adenhart’s senseless death, the usual time for optimism and excitement during the opening weeks of baseball season have been cast with a somber shadow twice more yesterday.


Harry Kalas, 1936 - 2009

Harry Kalas, 1936 - 2009

HARRY KALAS, 73 . . .

The voice.  We will all miss the voice.  Distinctive, baritone, calming.  For almost 40 years, Harry Kalas epitomized Philadelphia baseball and on Monday afternoon around 12:30pm, he was found on the floor of the broadcast booth before the Phillies game against the Washington Nationals and pronounced dead as he was rushed to the hospital.  His love for baseball began with Washington.  He always said the Senators sparked his lifelong passion for the game and his sudden passing happened the only place it could . . . in the broadcast booth in D.C.

I will always remember him as the stormy voice behind NFL Films.  He could send chills through you and emotionally take you to that exact instant in the game as you watched on the edge of your seat, hanging on every word, even though you already knew the outcome.  You will be sorely missed Harry.  Irreplaceable.   

 THE BIRD, 54 . . . Resembling Big Bird from Sesame Street with his curly coif, the animated, former Detroit Tigers pitcher, Mark “The Bird” Fidrych was found dead under a 10-wheel dump truck on his farm in Massachusetts at 2:30pm on Monday.  Fidrych baffled baseball fans with his antics as he would groom the mound with his hands and

Mark The Bird Fidrych 1954 - 2009
Mark “The Bird” Fidrych 1954 – 2009

talk to the baseball incessantly, among other things.  In 1976 he threw batters into fits and won the American League Rookie of the Year Award with a record of 19-9, an ERA of 2.34, 24 complete games and a trip to the All-Star Game.  Sadly, injuries cut his career short and he only had a handful more starts, leaving the majors with a career record of 29-9.  Yesterday, his life was cut short as well, but his spirit and approach to the game will always live on.

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Why . . .

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Why does it happen? 

It’s a question we ask after tragedy strikes.  Over and over.  Even when there’s no real answer. 

Nick Adenhart 1986-2009

Nick Adenhart 1986-2009

The sudden death of 22-year old up and coming Angels pitcher, Nick Adenhart, sucker punched baseball.  A family has been robbed of a son, teammates have been robbed of friendships maybe not even cultivated yet, and the baseball world has been robbed of a promising young talent, and the opportunity to proudly watch him grow. 

All because of a hit and run car accident.  And a suspected drunk driver . . .

Someone dies from a traffic accident involving a drunk driver every 40 minutes.  Every 40 minutes, a family gets the worst news they can possibly hear, that one of their loved ones is gone. 

Without reason.  Without an answer to WHY?

I wonder how Leon Hall, who was just arrested for DUI this week is feeling.  Like he is lucky to not have had a tragic end to his misdecision?  Remorseful?  I wonder how Donte Stallworth is feeling with this news.  I wonder how anyone who takes that chance to get behind the wheel after having one too many feels. 

I know how I feel . . .

The only thing we can do is keep Nick’s family, friends and teammates in our thoughts and prayers.  As well as the other two victims that are now gone, way too soon. 

Oh, and we can make the smart choice when deciding to drive after having a few drinks.  The life you take might not be your own . . .

Nick Adenharts Agent, Scott Boras, Breaks Down During News Conference

Nick Adenhart's Agent, Scott Boras, Breaks Down During News Conference

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