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Go ahead . . . celebrate.

To all the whiners who couldn’t get the game won in regulation, lost in overtime and blamed it on losing the coin toss, congratulations.  The NFL has appeased you by changing the OT rules for playoff games.  Bought you that ridiculous rubber frog you couldn’t live without so you threw tantrum after tantrum on the store floor until big papa finally caved in and gave you what you wanted.  Now life is better . . . until you lose the frog ANYWAY.

Seriously.  What’s next? 

Will the Cleveland Browns campaign for a change to five downs because they can’t get it done in four?

All because it’s not fair.  WAHHHHHH!

Or maybe the opening coin flip will turn into the best out of three because the loser ended up losing the game 59% of the time.  That’s the percentage of teams that win the game in overtime after winning the coin toss.  Is it really that big of a difference?  And I don’t want to hear the “but the winners of the coin flip close out the game on the first possession 34% of the time” argument.  The losers then have a chance to win it the other 66% of the time on their first offensive drive.  And whatever happened to may the best team win?  Defense plays too, you know.  Who’s going to make a play when the team needs one?  Who’s going to make a mistake?  Will the kicker shank it anyway?  Neil Rackers, Nate Kaeding or Mike Vanderjagt anyone? 

Here are the rule changes:

Starting next season, if a team wins the coin toss and then kicks a field goal, the other team gets the ball. If the game becomes tied again after that next series, play will continue under the current sudden-death rules.  Should the team winning the toss immediately score a touchdown, then the game is over.

So the NFL wants to eliminate the ability to win by a field goal on the first OT possession.  I get it.  But what if the defense has a momentary break down and one big scoring play wins the game on the first snap?  That type of quick ending is okay, but the defense giving up a drive of 30  or 40 yards for a field goal attempt isn’t?  What kinda sense does that make? 

The coin flip NEVER decided a winner.  A team’s inability to get it done in four quarters and defensive breakdowns in overtime have.  If you don’t want to leave it to “chance” then take care of business. 

Geez.  I hope hockey doesn’t sell out and revise their sudden death overtime . . .

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