WTF & A Must Win . . .

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IN THE WTF CATEGORY:  Dallas Cowboys’ Owner/GM/President/Sideline Gargoyle, Jerry Jones, decided to announce last Thursday that “I did not think [Owens] was disruptive to the team. As a matter of fact, you have a huge percentage of our team — coaches and teammates — that thought his personality was a positive thing.”

Um. Okay.  So why did you release Terrell Owens, oh Master of Valley Ranch?  Don’t even answer that.  It’d be bullshit anyway.  And what’s even more disturbing is the Fort Worth Star Telegram reported Jones as saying to a reporter, “Would you beat me up too bad if I brought back Adam?”  Yes, as in Adam Pacman Jones.  That report has since been denied

But with his publicity hungry, drama loving tendencies, can we really put anything past Jerry Jones?

A MUST WIN:  Ah, no crap Kojak . . . with Lord Stanley 60 minutes away from awarding his treasured Cup to the Red Wings, the Pittsburgh Penguins must rebound from a performance in Game 5, that could only be classified as public humiliation, to stave off the only thing that would feel worse . . . watching Detroit and that damn Marian Hossa hoist the Stanley Cup on their home ice.  Again . . .

What needs to be done?  Stay on the ice and out of the friggin’ penalty box, number one.  Are you kidding me with three 10 minute misconduct penalties and a total of 48 penalty minutes???  Let’s stay focused.  Not frustrated.

Will Detroit Take Home The Stanley Cup Tonight Or Will It Come Down To A Game Seven?

Will Detroit Take Home The Stanley Cup Tonight Or Will It Come Down To A Game Seven?

Don’t let the return of Datsyuk stop you from playing “your game”, CROSBY.  Since according to every single player and coach after the loss, the Pens “didn’t play our game”.  Well, it’s time to find it.  Now or never.

And what about adding a hungry, fresh legged Petr Sykora back in the lineup?  He was instrumental in last year’s Finals and has been a healthy scratch for most of the playoffs.  I am sure he is itching to get out there and make a difference.  Lastly, and obviously, Marc Andre “The Flower” Fleury has to forget the last game.  No excuses as wilting for five goals is unacceptable, but he had no offensive OR defensive help and if he steps on the ice without confidence, he will be slapshotted alive.

And it won’t be pretty . . .

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Monday Musings . . .

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Terrell Owens Signs One Year Deal With Buffalo:  I hope the Bills don’t get dizzy . . . there will be a lot of circling the wagons if Lee Evans doesn’t step aside and make room for the T.O. sideshow.  Sure, the Bills were smart by only giving him a one year deal since he has traditionally flourished during that first year of a new deal.  Call it the “I T.O.’ed you so” year.  The “I’ll prove I am not a troublemaker and I can fit in” year.  The bottom line is that Buffalo showed glimpses of relative goodness last year, but it’s frigid in northern NY the deeper we get into the NFL season, and Owens is going to realize that playing catch up to New England, an improved Miami team, and a new look Jets squad led by a rookie head coach on a mission, is not going to warm his soul very much. 

Why will they be playing catch up?  After going 7-9 for the last three seasons, the Bills need a lot more help than just an egotistical wide receiver.  Marshawn Lynch just pled guilty to gun possession charges last Thursday and received 36 months of probation.  He wasn’t disciplined by the NFL for his hit and run stunt last year, so he will surely miss games at the start of the season for Buffalo.

Marshawn Lynch In His Finest Hour

Marshawn Lynch In His Finest Hour

Their Defense was putrid when it came to getting to the quarterback – the recorded 23 sacks ALL YEAR.  Dallas’ DeMarcus Ware almost out sacked the Bills himself with an NFL best, 20 sacks.  

So is T.O. taking Buffalo back to the postseason for the first time in 10 years?  I doubt it.  Will he ever win a championship?  Kinda ironic if he doesn’t, dontcha think?    

The Big East Regular Season Lived Up To The Hype:  The Pittsburgh Panthers swept the season series against UConn with a dominating win on Saturday.  There’s talk about how the Huskies bounced back from a 14 point deficit in the second half, however Pitt absorbed it and went on an impressive run complete with defensive toughness, fast breaks and alley oops to seal the deal.   Just another day at the office for Pitt who is a lock for a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament, the first in school history.  Madison Square Garden hosts the conference tourney again this year and it jumps off March 10th, with all but four of the teams playing the first two rounds.  Louisville, Pitt, UConn and Villanova have two-round byes and will be well rested as they enter into the cage match that will be reminiscent of an MMA event to be sure.  Pitt has been to the Championship game seven of the last eight years and their 2009 squad is their toughest yet, so only time, or officiating, will tell . . .

Jaguars WR Matt Jones Gets Pinched AGAIN:  After escaping with a slap on the wrist for felony cocaine possession and serving a 3 game suspension from the NFL last year, Matt Jones just can’t say no to drugs.  Monday he was arrested for the same exact offense, in the same exact place.   Good ‘ol Washington County, Arkansas where he was a star QB . . . I guess who won’t need his Razor back anytime soon . . .

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T.O. is Told to G.O.

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So it has come to this . . . THANK GOODNESS 

Ever since the implosion that took place last December at Heinz field where Pitsburgh’s 10 fourth quarter points were topped off by Deshea Townsend’s pick six of Tony Romo’s errant pass directed to Jason Witten, and I am a Dallas Cowboys fan who witnessed it first hand, I knew Terrell Owens was going to crack.

It’s kinda like this – you’re cruising down the highway and all of a sudden TING!  A random pebble that flew out of a dumptruck driven by someone who just didn’t care enough to secure his load properly, hits your windshield and now there’s an itty bitty nick staring you in the face.  And it won’t be long until just the right bump in the road or frigid morning urges that itty bitty annoying nick to become a huge crack running across the glass threatening to split your windshield in two, destroying your ability to see clearly and drive anywhere . . .

After that day in Pittsburgh, T.O. (otherwise known as the nick) began to slowly crack the windshield of the Cowboys in two.  He went from crying over Tony Romo, sobbing “that’s not fair.  We lose as a team.  That’s my quarterback” . . .

To accusing Romo and Witten of clandestine game planning and play creation designed to keep him out of the offense and then recruiting teammates to take his side.  With their playoff lives on the line, in a win and in situation, the drama culminated in an embarrassing ass whooping handed to them by the Eagles.  The flippin Philadelphia Eagles of all teams!  

This had to happen.  Jerry Jones obviously had to be persuaded to make this move because he just swallowed a cool 9 million dollars against the salary cap.  Plus, I do believe Jones actually wanted to see the divisive receiver succeed and feed the ego machine that is T.O.  Remember, Jerry Jones has a PR fetish and loves superstar marketing pawns and T.O. is that media magnet that gives him the chills. 

You did good, Jerry . .  you did good.  

On the flipside, the Cowboys save 3.1 million bucks because of a bonus Terrell Owens was due to receive in June and can begin repairing the fiber of the team that has been shredded.  Like it was in Philadelphia.  Like it was in San Fransico.     

Now the door is open for wide receiver Roy Williams to step up and earn the #1 spot vacated by T.O.  Hopefully Williams hasn’t been poisoned by buying whatever Owens was selling last season and he will come to camp wanting to prove that he can be a reliable and exciting receiver.  I also hope he can outperform Owens on third downs, where he only caught a paltry 35% of the passes thrown in his direction last year.  Dallas needs a clutch receiver who won’t drop the ball.  Or destroy the lockerroom chemistry, for that matter.

The bottom line is that T.O. is on the downside of his career.  After his worst statistical season of his career, and granted Brad Johnson’s three starts at QB didn’t give him too much of a chance to rack up the stats, but at 35 years old, it is a good a time as any to part ways. 

A word to the wise . . . any team considering signing Owens better be sure their load is secured properly and their windshield is immune to those annoying little nicks.  They tend to crack at the most inopportune times . . .

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NFL Week 12 Wrap: Historic QB Performance, Benching “The Don” Plus More (Part 2)

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Picking up where I left off, as promised, I have a few more thoughts to share with you on the rest of the action from Week 12 in the NFL including the interesting Donovan McNabb benching and the impact it will have in the coming weeks and T.O. asking and receiving . . .

Can you believe this NFL season is almost two-thirds OVAH?  Didn’t it just start?  Regardless, here are the rest of my opinions on the week that was:

REID CHOOSES CORN ON THE KOLB OVER DONOVAN’S CHUNKY SOUP:  Trailing in a 10-7 game at the half against the Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia coach Andy Reid had a hankering for some corn on the Kolb at quarterback, undermining the leadership ability of his franchise pro, the consumate endorser of  Campbell’s Chunky Soup, Donovan McNabb.  After a pitiful performance in the second half, looking completely lost and incompetent, Kevin Kolb gave up the NFL record for an interception returned for a touchdown – 108 yards to Ed Reed who even with a neck injury happened to break his own record of 106 yards to pay-dirt set back in 2004.  The Eagles lost 36 – 7 so the question is, now what?  Today, Andy Reid appointed McNabb as his starter against Arizona this Thursday.  Will this be the jolt McNabb needed to jumpstart his game?   In Reid’s words, “sometimes you need to take a step back to take a step forward.”  Could we be seeing the beginning of a comeback?  When you can only TIE the lowly Bengals, you have already reached the point of no return and you are NOT coming back . . .

McNabb may be endorsing a different soup next year . . .


ASK AND YOU SHALL RECIEVE:  At least, that’s how it worked out for T.O. after he poured his heart and soul out to fellow “I” man Deion Sanders in an interview with NFL Newtork airing Thursday night during the Steelers – Nobody (sorry Cincinnati, you just suck, and that’s with or without Chad Ocho Cinco) telecast.  BUT . . . I have to say Owens did not blow a gasket while he was held at 38 yards or less receiving for the past five games.  On Sunday he was “unleashed” for his second highest receiving yard total of his career – 213 with one touchdown, which outgained his last five games put together.  His best?  With San Francisco in 2000, T.O. corralled 283 yards in 20 catches, an NFL record.  So against that same team – the one that drafted him, Owens put on a show and gave notice that the he is here to stay . . . for now.  I mean, it was only the 49ers who have a volatile interim coach trying to motivate but obviously not put his players in the best position to win, because if he was he would have suggested Nate Clements take a look at the Redskins film and bump T.O. at the line of scrimmage.  But that did not happen and Owens let loose for BIG gains of 45, 52 and 75 yards, the latter going for a touchdown.  Consider yourself served, NFL, the personality and production of T.O. has been resurrected in Dallas . . .

The Defense proved themselves forcing field goals on the first two drives, with 1st and goal on the 4-yard line and San Francisco coming up with only 3 points each drive.  Despite two garbage time touchdowns, the Dallas D looked pretty tight, albeit against a mediocre team.  With Seattle coming to town on Thanksgiving before facing Pittsburgh, the NY Giants, Baltimore and Philadelphia, they should have a 3-game winning streak going into the tough last quarter of the season at 8-4.  Only time will tell if Dallas can salvage their season and get into the playoffs . . .

OAKLAND WINS AT MILE HIGH:  No that’s not a typo supposed to read, Oakland gets a “mile high”, it’s the actual result of an AFC West division game this past Sunday.  The Raiders kicked the Broncos ASS, 31 -10 in Denver, scoring their 6th win in only 34 tries at a division opponent.  Is Al Davis excited?  Ask his nurse’s aide – he can’t contain himself and has had to use his frequent bed pan changer card after a shocking win in Denver against the division leading Broncos . . .  Not too much to say about that win, except it is a DISGRACE to Denver.  Let’s see how Oakland does against Kansas City next week and San Diego the following week . . . 

The playoff race is heating up – Stay tuned for more commentary and please feel free to add yours!

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